The Trust Style Inventory Certification

The Trust Style Inventory Certification provides you with the knowledge and access you need to administer the Trust Style Inventory and support those results with high quality, individual and team coaching and development. The certification is based on Interconnectivity, Flow, and Balance℠ methodology and has two components: To start with, company facilitators and independent practitioners learn to address their personal trust gaps before they start supporting others on a similar quest. Secondly, the certification equips trust facilitators with access to multiple trust-building tools that support employees, or clients with creating trust-building strategies for important relationships in professional networks, teams, and families.

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The Pillar of Trust Webinar Series: Using the TSI to Adapt Your Trust Style

The Pillar of Trust Webinar Series provides leaders with practical strategies, skills, and knowledge that can build trust. About This Event Modern interpersonal and leadership challenges all have their roots in trust. Engagement, diversity, conflict, leadership, transparency, corruption, and many other unproductive behaviours compromise organizational performance and future capacity.

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