The Pillar of Trust Webinar Series: Using the TSI to Adapt Your Trust Style

The Pillar of Trust Webinar Series provides leaders with practical strategies, skills, and knowledge that can build trust. About This Event Modern interpersonal and leadership challenges all have their roots in trust. Engagement, diversity, conflict, leadership, transparency, corruption, and many other unproductive behaviours compromise organizational performance and future capacity.

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Onboarding: Maximizing Your IFB Network Learning Experience

This session is designed to help you understand the traditional and non-traditional learning opportunities available to you in our ecosystem and how you can make the most of them (and we hope you have fun doing it!) We have a number of resources for you for this session, one of which is your learning plan, which goes beyond your planning for your career. Because balance is one of our values, our learning paths include considering developmental opportunities that will help you prepare for, or discover your purpose and passion.

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